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A complete crystalline solution for waterproofing masonry and blockwork

The KA Tanking Slurry waterproofing system provides a solution to water leakage, ingress or seepage in concrete structures or any cementitious substrate. The formation and development of insoluble crystals into water bearing capillaries and fissures effectively blocks the further passage of water and ensures permanent water tightness for the life of the structure.



The KA system is designed to function against water penetration in various conditions. KA Tanking Slurry is supplied as a powder and when mixed with water, is applied directly to concrete, blockwork masonry or cement renders in areas where general waterproofing is required. KA Tanking Slurry is used in conjunction with KA Super Plug for instant leak plugging.

KA tanking Slurry can be applied to new or old structurally sound surfaces. It can be applied either to the negative or the positive side and will negate dampness in ground water

permeation even under hydrostatic pressure.

KA Tanking Slurry can be used for the following applications.


• Retaining Walls and columns in reservoirs

• Swimming Pools prior to tiling or painting

• Concrete drinking water tanks

• Water Treatment and sewerage plants

• Foundation Slabs

• Underground Cellars, basement car parks, garages, etc.

• Pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete units

• Tunnels, silos, irrigation channels

• Bathrooms, kitchens, etc

• Lift Shafts

• Vehicle maintenance pits

KA Tanking Slurry works on a crystalline system,where silica is absorbed into capillaries and fissures in the substrates of structures. Thousands of particles of silica penetrate up to 50mm and adhere to the capillaries in the structure permanently. It can be used both internally and externally and can be left as an external render or decorated upon. Within 48 hours wallpaper, tiles, plasterboard, paint or carpet can be used upon the surface.

After application the silica grows into crystals by absorbing moisture and ingressing into the build. When no moisture is present the silica will lay dormant, but if moisture ever does appear, the silica will reactivate and absorb it which, keeping mortars and structures completely dry. This is unlike a standard liquid coat water-proofing products, which merely adhere to the substrate, therefore no guarantees can be given. If the surface breaks due to frost, vibration, etc. then liquid coating products will often fail.

With KA Tanking Slurry, the more moisture available, the better the product will work. Under a microscope, the crystals are shown to grow into a water absorbing sheet - similar to glass - where the water-proofing will last for the lifetime of the structure.

LABC certificate: Approved for use in concrete substrates and rendered masonry walls to grade 3 protection.

Silica formulation contains no polymers or resins, withstands acids, alkalies from gypsum based plasters and spirits beyond emissions from septic tanks, slurry pits and animal effluence - which is perfect for farming situations. 

It is not harmful to humans, animals or fish. Can be used safely on stable floors, kennel floors, dairy walls, etc.

Can be used as a Vapour barrier in place of Dpm and Dpc.

Supplied in 25kg Rigid Plastic Buckets with a shelf life of 2 years. Eliminates losses incurred by paper sachets which are prone to splitting.

A ten year guarantee application is available on request.

Full WRAS certification for potable water (BS 6920).

The product has been tested to withstand a minimum pressure of 7 bars which far exceeds other products. 

Tested and conforming to BS 6920, BS EN 12390-8 and  BS 3921, UKAS accredited. 

One of the few water-proofing products that can be used safely in fishponds - meaning there is no need for a liner or pond paint. Fish can be introduced the day after application.

Can be brush, trowel or spray applied (using a stucco or equivalent sprayer and a 90psi or above compressor).

When upgrade or refurbishment work is carried out on concrete floors there is no need for a damp proof membrane (DPM).

Available in colour standard grey

Coverage rate of 7-8m²/bucket for the 2 coat application (up to 16m² per coat, per bucket).

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